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Hello I'm Glad that You Are Here! I would love for you to look around my website. I have videos i have made. photos taken with  an artistic flair to them. I have blog where I will be added things from day to day for you to ponder over and see if it helps you and some way, which is my reason for the this website. If I can help in anyway with any questions, I have all the  media websites That I  belong to below as well as my email. Thanks So Much! Hope You Enjoy!

Brainerd, MN Area Car Shows!I love Classic Cars!

This was a Precious Moment In Cuyuna State Park In Ironton, MN It was a beautiful sunset

this was Taken at The at The Safari North zoo Here In Brainerd. I did A video for them for the Brainerd Chamber. This Guy you can get close and Personal With. LOve The Shoot, Some Much Fun and So Many Animals. and Birds

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God Brings Us Out of Grief, Depression, Loneliness. You Can Triumph through His Mercy and Grace!

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I Live Everyday to Please an Audience of One! Jesus My Lord!

God Sees You, He knows Your Name, He Wants to Call You His Own!